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02.09.2019A couple of new things today:

A new library: SPIflash_Audio

SPIflash has been updated to v1.30:
• added support for audio samples
• updated FlashUploader to v1.2
• fixed a small bug in fileOpen()
• added option to restrict access to the file system for time critical operations
• fixed some string conversion warnings

09.02.2019OLED_I2C has been updated to v2.10.

• added support for ESP8266 (only tested on Wemos/Lolin D1 Mini)
• added support for ESP32 (only tested on Heltec WiFi Kit 32)

23.09.2018OLED_I2C has been updated to v2.00.

• added support for 128x32 pixel displays
• added getDisplayHeight()
• added rotateDisplay()
• added sleepMode()
• fixed warnings regarding deprecated conversions when using print()
• removed unused variable declarations
• changed the way the screen buffer is allocated
• added more examples and grouped them into 128x32 and 128x64 resolution

06.08.2018It had been a while since the last update but I have finally found some time to do a couple of updates.

UTFT, URTouch and UTFT_Geometry have been updated as follows:

UTFT and URTouch:
• added support for the V2 displays and shields from ITead (finally)
• removed all support for display modules from ElecFreaks

• fixed a bug in fillTriangle()

Support for products from ElecFreak have been removed because they decided to end their partnership. They did this without even telling me...
They are now unfortunately distributing unlicensed versions of my libraries and refuse to remove them so I have been forced to let people know about their unethical treatment of former partners and recommend that you stay far away from them in the future.

11.09.2016Due to failing disks on the old server I have had to move both the website and the database over to new servers. I think everything should work but if you encounter anything not working I ask that you send me a message.


06.09.2016It looks like there have been a bug in my email server configuration for a while where the server have falsely rejected messages sent to me.

If you have tried sending me an email (directly, not through the contact form) and gotten an error stating that the user is unknown in return I can only ask that you try again as I think the bug is fixed now.

12.07.2016A small update to both UTFT and URTouch today.

UTFT v2.82:
• added support for the new 3.2" (Rev2 ILI9341-based) display module from Coldtears
• TFT controllers used only by display modules and shields that have been retired are now disabled by default

URTouch v2.01:
• added support for the new 3.2" (Rev2 ILI9341-based) display module from Coldtears

19.06.2016Due to the fact that the word UTouch is a registered trademark I have been forced to rename the library formely named just that. The new name of the library is URTouch. The library is exactly the same as the old library with the exception that the class also has been renamed. The added R in the name is to signify that the library is for resistive touch screens.

The UTFT_Buttons library has also been updated to comply with the renamed library.

A few other updates have also been made around the website due to the renamed library.

14.06.2016IMPORTANT: There have been quite a few messages sent to me with invalid email addresses lately. I have tried replying to every message sent to me up until now and if you have not received a reply you are most likely one of those who have supplied an incorrect email address.
If this is the case you can try resending your message but make sure your email address is correct.

03.03.2016The UTFT Analog Clock project has had a minor update to comply with v2.0 of the DS1307 library.

13.02.2016It has been quite a while but the DS1307 library has finally gotten an update to v2.0.

• added begin()
• added getUnixTime()
• added support for Arduino Due, Arduino Leonardo, Bobuino and chipKit
• added support for hardware I2C (all platforms)
• modified setDOW() to calculate DOW from RTC date if desired
• fixed a bug that made the library freeze when using D0 for SDA
• fixed a bug in getMonthStr() and getDOWStr()

01.09.2015SPIflash has been updated to v1.2.

• added support W25Q256FV chips from Winbond

The W25Q256FV has a capacity of 256Mbits or 32Mbytes.

21.05.2015Minor update to UTFT today.
It should now compile with Arduino 1.6.x

17.05.2015My libraries are branching out!

Today I have added support for the Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchPad to the following libraries:

In addition there is a bugfix in the UTFT library update so rendering fonts with transparent backgrounds should be a little faster.

09.03.2015I have made some small changes to the Projects section of the website. Arduino Projects is now called DevBoard Projects and Other Projects has been relabeled Stand-Alone Projects.

I have also added a third category called Library Examples. This will be used for mini-projects and library examples that doesn't fit into a single library.
Two new mini-projects have been added to the new category.

07.03.2015A couple of things today...

OLED_I2C have had a minor update:
• fixed a bug in the OLED_I2C_3D_Cube example

And a new library: WiiChuck
A simple library for interfacing Nintendo Wii NunChucks to Arduinos and chipKits.

01.03.2015It has been a while since the last update but I have been busy in the mean time. Here are some of the things I have been doing:

• Moved the website to a new domain. Please update your bookmarks and favorites.
• Updated the entire website to HTML5.
• Made some changes to the website in several places.
• Changed all downloadable files to .zip since some users have had problems manually installing the .rar files.
• Added several new UTFT fonts submitted by j.s.com

I have also made some new libraries:
LEDmatrix7219 - Read the manual as the library requires a somewhat unconventional hardware setup.
OLED_I2C - Library for SSD1306-based OLED displays communicating over I2C/TWI.
OLED_SPIflash - Use SPI flash memory to store images for your OLED_I2C compatible display.
OLED_StatusIcons - Display a status bar with icons on your OLED_I2C compatible display.

I think that is all for now...

02.10.2014SPIflash has been updated to v1.11.

• fixed a typo in the FlashUploader chip list
• updated FlashUploader to v1.1
• updated the SPIflash_FlashUploader example sketches
• reduced default SPI speed from 20MHz to 13MHz for chipKit due to some instability issues

Uploading datasets from FlashUploader through a serial link should be a lot more stable now, but it still takes a loooong time for larger datasets.

28.09.2014Another update to UTFT today. Current version is v2.79.

• added support for more display shields and modules from ElecFreaks
• removed all support for display modules from GE-Tech (including the ILI9320 driver)

I do not like to remove support for any device from my libraries but it looks like GE-Tech have made some changes to their display modules and I am not sure if their current products would be supported by UTFT. I have tried contacting GE-Tech to clarify the issue but after waiting two weeks for a reply (from their support dept!) I gave up. I cannot in good conscience keep providing support for a company that does not even reply to their support email.

ILI9320 support has also been removed since there are no currently supported displays that use it.

I will not be able to provide support if you are using a GE-Tech display module from today.

08.09.2014Several smaller updates today due to the recent tool-chain updates in Arudino 1.5.7.

The following have been updated:
• Library: LCD5110_Basic
• Library: LCD5110_Graph
• Library: MGLCD
• Library: UTFT (inluding the supplied tools)
• Library: UTFT_Buttons
• On-line Tool: ImageConverter 565
• On-line Tool: ImageConverter Mono
• On-line Tool: Font Maker 5110
• On-line Tool: Font Maker UTFT
• On-line Resource: Icons
• On-line Resource: UTFT Fonts
• On-line How-To: UTFT Fonts 101

Please note that the updates only apply when using Arduino 1.5.7 with AVR microcontrollers.

If you experience problems with previously converted or downloaded icons, images or fonts you should reconvert or redownload them before contacting me.

Please contact me if you still find any compatibility issues as I may have missed some. There were a lot of minor changes needed.

30.08.2014I sorry if the recent server down-time have caused any problems.

The Virtual Host running both my web-, database- and email-servers died due to massive overheating. Several of the capacitors on the motherboard popped...

The servers are now running on my backup Virtual Host and should again be fully functional. There may be some minor down-time in the days to come but each of them should not last long (probably not more than one hour).

Oh, I so need a new server...

25.08.2014The DS3231 library has had a small bug-fix is now available as v1.01.

17.08.2014Two new libraries today: DS3231 and MCP4725

The DS3231 is another extremely accurate RTC according to Dallas/Maxim. This is also the RTC used on the ChronoDot.
It is much more accurate than the DS130x RTCs, and it does not require an external crystal/oscillator.

The MCP4725 is a low-power, high accuracy, single channel, buffered voltage output 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Convertor (DAC) with non-volatile memory (EEPROM). Its on-board precision output amplifier allows it to achieve rail-to-rail analog output.

Both libraries are available for both Arduino and chipKit.

08.06.2014SPIflash has been updated to v1.1.

• added support for three MXIC flash chips

25.05.2014UTFT_SPIflash has been updated to v1.1.

• fixed a bug in loadBitmap()

24.05.2014A small update to UTFT. Now at v2.77.

• fixed a bug with the ElecHouse 7" display and shield combination

05.05.2014And today UTouch have been updated to add support for the touch screens that have been added to UTFT lately.

04.05.2014A new version of UTFT has been released which adds support for display modules from DisplayModule.com

28.03.2014A small update to UTFT today. Current version is v2.75.

• added support for Coldtears 5" and 7" CPLD modules

16.03.2014LCD5110_Basic, LCD5110_Graph and UTouch have all been updated.

Please see their respective pages to see the changes for each library.

20.02.2014A small bug managed to sneak its way into the last version of UTFT. v2.74 should fix this issue:

• fixed a bug in the serial driver

18.02.2014UTouch has been updated to v1.22:

• added support for Teensy 3.x Boards
• added support for three display modules from ElecHouse
• made some modifications to improve accuracy when precision is set to medium or higher

16.02.2014UTFT has been updated to v2.73:

• added support for Teensy 3.x Boards
• added support for three display modules from ElecHouse
• minor bugfixes
• added three new functions for CPLD-based displays

26.01.2014A new library today: DS3234

The DS3234 is an extremely accurate RTC according to Dallas/Maxim. This has also been my experience :)
So far I have only measured a drift of a few milliseconds over 24 hours. The DS1302 and DS1307 have been measured to have a drift of close to 1 minute over a 24 hour period.

13.01.2014And the first update to SPIflash is out.

An old version of the FlashUploader tool had managed to sneak into the v1.0 archive. FlashUploader has been upgraded to the correct version in v1.01.
Sorry about that...

11.01.2014Another year has passed and to celebrate the new year I am releasing some brand new libraries.

The first library is SPIflash. The library supports a variety of SPI flash memory chips from SST/Microchip and Winbond. You will have full access to read and write to the entire chip or use the simple filesystem I have implemented. The filesystem is currently read-only.

The second library is UTFT_SPIflash. This library is an add-on library for UTFT and SPIflash which allows you to load both color and monochrome images from the flash chip and display them on any UTFT-supported display. It also supports displaying sections of color images.

Third and last is the LCD5110_SPIflash library. With this library you can load images from the flash chip and show them on a Nokia5110 display. This library only support monochrome images (naturally) but does support displaying sections of images.

All three libraries are supported on both Arduino and chipKit platforms.

25.12.2013Mega New Year Give Away 2014 - Grab Your Surprise Gift
Numato are running a big Give Away campaign. Head on over to their website to read more: numato.cc

12.12.2013Another minor update to UTFT v2.72 today:

• added support for ElecFreaks TFT-2.4 v1.2

The display module is already supported by the current version of UTouch.

06.12.2013UTFT and UTouch have been updated.

Main changes:
• added support for ElecFreaks TFT01-4.3
• added support for Coldtears 3.5" and 4.0" modules

03.11.2013UTFT v2.70 has been released...

• added support for Bobuino (ATmega1284P)
• optimized Arduino Due driver slightly

Thanks to Robert Patterson (CrossRoads) for the Bobuino board.

22.09.2013A long overdue update to UTouch is ready. The current version is v1.2.

• general optimization
• fixed some issues with calibration
• made modifications to reduce erroneous readings
• added support for more display modules
• added UTouch_QuickPaint example

07.09.2013A new version of UTFT is out today: v2.60

• added support for 4 more ElecFreaks display modules
• added support for Watterott electronics MI0283QT-9A display module
• fixed a bug in the "Arduino (ARM)/UTFT_Demo_480x272" example

06.08.2013I have added a new tool to the website today: RGB565 Renderer
This tool allows you to render RGB565 encoded .raw files into .png images.

You can find it under Resources - Converters

02.08.2013A small update to UTFT today.

ImageConverter565 has been updated to v2.1 due to a bug that prevented it from running on some computers.

No changes has been made to the library itself so there is no need to upgrade from v2.5 if you are not experiencing problems with ImageConverter565 v2.0.

25.07.2013UTFT has been updated. Changes in v2.5:
• fixed a bug where some lines were 1 pixel too short
• fixed a bug in the init code for 7" modules that were only visible in portrait mode
• added basic support for more display modules from Coldtears
• fixed some omissions in memorysaver.h

I have also updated ImageConverter565 to v2.0. It can still be found in the Tools folder in the UTFT archive.
In addition to the updated ImageConverter565 I have also included a command line image converter: ImgConv v1.0. This one will also do batch conversion.
A brief manual for the image converters is now also included.

26.06.2013UTFT_tinyFAT have been updated.

• loadBitmap() now accepts a String object for the filname parameter.

22.06.2013UTFT_tinyFAT has been updated to v2.0, and will now work in combination with the other UTFT add-on libraries.

17.06.2013UTFT v2.42 is out.

Fixed in this version:
• fixed a small bug in drawBitmap()
• fixed a bug in the 16-bit Arduino Due driver

16.06.2013A new library today: KeyPad

This library is just a quick and easy way to get input through keypads.
The library supports keypads with up to 6 columns and up to 5 rows of keys.
There are probably other libraries available that can do exactly the same, but it was so easy to write this so I did not bother to look for any.

14.06.2013Just some small updates today.

LCD5110_Basic, LCD5110_Graph and MGLCD have all been updated with a fixed SmallFont. The % symbol was mirrored in the original version.

In addition the LCD5110_Graph library have been expanded with some additional functions: fillScr(), clrLine(), clrRect(), clrRoundRect() and clrCircle().

09.06.2013For those who are struggling to get the UTouch calibration data right I have made a tool to help you out a little. The UTouch Calibration Data Verification tool can check your calibration data, and maybe give you some pointers if something seems to be wrong.

You can find it under Resources - Various Tools - UTouch CalData Verifier

06.06.2013A couple of new fonts for UTFT have been added courtesy of Rainerpasch.

You can find them under Resources - Graphics - UTFT Fonts

31.05.2013Aldas has made an offline version of the UTFT Font Maker.

You can find it under Resources - Contributions - Software

24.05.2013A new add-on library for UTFT has been released today. The new library is called UTFT_Buttons.

You might already have guessed, but the add-on library adds simple but easy to use buttons to extend the use of the UTFT and UTouch libraries.

UTFT_Buttons will work with all platforms supported by UTFT and UTouch.

23.05.2013UTouch v1.1 has been released.

Changes in this version:
• added support for more display modules
• modified calibration to try to compensate for slight flaws in some (larger) touchscreens
• changed license to CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

19.05.2013A few new fonts for UTFT have been added courtesy of MBWK.

You can find them under Resources - Graphics - UTFT Fonts

12.05.2013UTFT v2.41 has just been released.

• made some changes to facilitate the use of add-on libraries

And to make use of the changes to UTFT I have added the new UTFT_Geometry add-on library.
This new library makes it possible to easily draw triangles (both outlined and filled), arcs and pie-pieces. Other functions may be added later.
UTFT_Geometry will work with all platforms supported by UTFT.

11.05.2013UTFT v2.4 has been released.

New in this version:
• added basic support for multiple display modules from Coldtears

Basic support means that the normal UTFT functions will be supported but the on-board Font and Icons flash chip is not. It is my understanding that Coldtears Electronics will make an add-on library that will add these functions.

08.05.2013Several libraries have been updated today:

UTFT v2.3:
• added support for transparent text background
• fixed a bug in printNumF()

LCD5110_Basic v2.1 and LCD5110_Graph v2.1:
• modified printNumI() and printNumF()
• added support for String objects to print()
• added support for chipKit uC32

Finally MGLCD and CK_MGLCD have been merged into MGLCD v2.0:
• combined Arduino and chipKit libraries into a single library
• updated library to support Arduino v1.0 (and higher)
• fixed a bug that prohibited compiling with newer IDEs
• added support for Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Due and chipKit uC32
• modified printNumI() and printNumF()
• added support for String objects to print()
• changed license to CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

01.05.2013A new version of UTFT has been released.

New in v2.2:
• added support for ElecFreaks TFT01-5.0 and TFT01-7.0
• added support for chipKit uC32 (Thanks to Vladimir for donating one)
• restructured files slightly

24.04.2013Two more calculators today.

RGB565 Calculator: This will calculate RGB565 values for use with UTFT from either RGB, HSL, CMYK or HEX values.

555 Monostable Calculator: This will calculate the resistor/capacitor combination that will give a pulse as close as possible to a desired time.

15.04.2013One more calculator has been added. This time it is a Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator.

15.04.2013I have added a couple of calculators today. The first ones out are a LED Resistor Calculator and a PCB Trace Width Calculator.
You can find them under Resources - Calculators.

If there are other calculators you would like to see added, please let me know and I'll see what I can do...

29.03.2013UTFT has been updated to v2.1

Support for Electronics Lees 3.2" TFT shield Rev B has been added, in addition to some minor bug-fixes.

UTFT now also has built-in support for using display shields designed for Arduino Uno (and compatible) on Arduino Megas. Please see the manual for more information.

The license has been changed to Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) from the old GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1.

18.03.2013LCD5110_Basic and LCD5110_Graph have both been updated to v2.0 today.

The libraries now work with Arduino 1.0 and higher.
I have also added setContrast(); as there have been multiple requests for such a function.

The libraries have also been unified so both libraries support both Arduino (including Leonardo and Due) and chipKit in a single download. CK_LCD5110_Basic and CK_LCD5110_Graph have been discontinued.

As of this update I have decided to switch from the old GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 to Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). This change is simply because I feel that the CC license is much easier to understand. I will use the CC license for all new and updated libraries from now until further notice.

04.02.2013A new, little library was born today.

relay8 is a simple library for controlling relay-boards. The library supports boards with anywhere from 1 to 8 relays. Both Arduino and chipKit is supported.

21.01.2013UTFT v2.0 has been released. Please see the library page for a full list of what has been done.
The most important updates are support for Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Due, optimized transfer speed for 16bit displays and support for more display modules.

There are also some new pin-maps available under Resources - Pinmaps - Arduino.

14.12.2012Project: ITDB02 Analog Clock has been replaced with the updated version Project: UTFT Analog Clock. It is basically the same except that it has been updated to use the newer libraries and this version also has a serial mode to set the clock.

As the currect version of ITeads ITDB02 Mega shield no longer has an on-board DS1307 I highly recommend that you take a look at the Arduino Mega / Chipkit MAX32 Screw Shield with TFT and RTC from AquaLEDsource for a "easy-to-use" shield for this project. Links to their English and Portuguese webshops can also be found on the Links page.

12.12.2012To everyone asking about UTFT and Arduino Due:
I will most likely add support for the Arduino Due, but to do so requires me to have an Arduino Due for testing. As I cannot afford to buy one at the moment you will have to wait until I can afford it (or someone donates one :) ).

01.12.2012Today finally sees the release of the long awaited UTouch library which replaces the old ITDB02_Touch and CK_ITDB02_Touch libraries.
UTouch has been tested to work with all the touch screen modules currently officially supported by UTFT.

Because all the old ITDB02-series of libraries have been replaced by the U-series I have now permanently removed all the old libraries. As of today I will not provide any support for the old libraries at all.

13.11.2012My ISP is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. They are working to resolve the issues, but the site may go up and down a bit while they are working.

10.11.2012I am no longer taking applications for the UTouch beta test. I wish to thank those who applied, and I will be contacting you shortly.

01.11.2012It has been a long time since the last update but I am still alive.

Due to some unfortunate event this summer and autumn I have had to prioritize my time and money differently, so I have not had too much time for this hobby. The time I have had has mostly been spent on answering emails from you.
Because of these events I am also completely dependent on your donations if I am to buy any new hardware.

But I have still found some time for programming and this has resulted in a new library which I have decided I will run a limited public beta for.
The new library is called UTouch and is intended to replace ITDB02_Touch and CK_ITDB02_Touch. It has been made to complement UTFT like the old libraries complemented the ITDB02_Graph series of libraries.

To be part of the beta testing please apply HERE. Applications will have to be submitted before 10th november 2012. If I get many applications I may have to stop taking applications earlier.

03.06.2012A couple of updates today.

Updated UTFT to v1.3:
• added support for more display modules
• fixed a bug in the ITDB02-25H init

Updated tinyFAT to v3.0:
• added Arduino 1.0 support
• rewritten all the low-level functions
• fixed a bug making it possible to read past the first 32MB

Added UTFT_tinyFAT v1.0 which means that ITDB02_tinyFAT and ITDB02_tinyFAT16 has been discontinued as of today.

14.04.2012UTFT v1.2 is available for download.

• added support for more display modules (4.3" and 5.0" displays coming soon from ITead Studio)
• added getDisplayXSize() and getDisplayYSize()

And a short message to Knut from Germany: The email address you supplied seems to be incorrect, so I am unable to reply to your email.

09.04.2012UTFT v1.1 is available for download.

• added support for more display modules (including the 3.2WD module)
• added support for String objects to print()
• fixed a bug in printNumF()
• added optional minimum length and filler character to pintNumI() and printNumF()
• added option to disable unneeded controller chip code to minimize memory use

19.02.2012I have been getting a lot of emails asking why UTFT doesn't work when using a shield made for an Arduino 2009 or Uno on an Arduino Mega. I have written a How-To to try to explain why, and also show you how to make it work.

You can find it under Resources - How-Tos - UTFT Uno Shield on Mega

19.02.2012I have fixed a few bugs in the new How-To.

All the code is now verified to work as it is supposed to.

12.02.2012Some major news today!

A new library has been released. UTFT (Universal TFT) will be my new platform for TFT displays. It supports several different 8bit, 16bit and serial display modules. A full list of tested modules is included in the download.
The UTFT library will work with both Arduino and chipKit-boards in one download.

Because of this new library the following libraries have been discontinued, and I will only provide very limited support for them in the future:
ITDB02_Graph, ITDB02_Graph16 and RGB_GLCD
CK_ITDB02_Graph, CK_ITDB02_Graph16 and CK_RGB_GLCD

26.01.2012The DS1302 and DS1307 Arduino libraries now support the Arduino 1.0 IDE.

26.12.2011If you are anything like me you probably have a lot of oddly shaped doohickeys lying around. Many of these are difficult to store because of the shape. I got tired of this, and made some boxes for them so they could be stacked nicely.

Now you can make use of these boxes as well. The templates are available for download as .pdf files from Resources - Box Templates

11.12.2011My two new PCBs are now documented.
Mini Board - SpeakJet & Amp
Mini Interface - Text LCD

You can find them under Resources - PCBs

04.12.2011Just thought I'd give you a small teaser of things to come...

02.12.2011Anders Lindberg has ported my ImageConverter 565 to Mac.

You can download it from my brand new page found under Resources - Contributions - Software

20.10.2011I have recently received my first factory-made, self designed PCBs. You can find all the details on my Jumbo 7-Segment PCBs under Resources - PCBs

02.10.2011Two new libraries today:
MGLCD (Arduino)
CK_MGLCD (chipKit)

They are made for Monochrome Graphic LCDs based on the SED1565 controller. More controllers may be added later.

06.09.2011When I updated ITDB02_Graph16 it broke compatibility with ITDB02_tinyFAT16.

ITDB02_tinyFAT16 has been updated to fix this issue.

04.09.2011Today all my LCD5110-libraries got the option to print text inverted.

LCD5110_Basic, LCD5110_Graph, CK_LCD5110_Basic and CK_LCD5110_Graph:
• added invertText();

01.09.2011Two new libraries today:

Where the Basic-libraries are more geared towards using the modules as text-displays with limited graphics functions the new Graph-libraries treat the displays more like a regular graphics display.

26.08.2011I have added some pinmaps for the Arduinos and chipKits. You can find them under Resources - Pinmaps.

Some of you might have see the earlier editions of the chipKit pinmaps on the chipKit forum.

22.08.2011A few updated libraries today:

ITDB02_Graph and ITDB02_Graph16
• Added support for more display modules

• Added support for more display modules
• Fixed a bug in the bitmap functions where they used twice as much memory as needed

• Added support for more display modules
• General optimization
• Fixed a bug in the bitmap functions where they used twice as much memory as needed

The ImageConverter565 (both Windows exeutable and online-version) have been updated to the new chipKit-format.

12.08.2011It has been a while since the last update, but fear not...

Today I have released two libraries:

They provide basic functions to use the popluar Nokia 5110 LCD. The libraries give you text and bitmap functions. Three fonts are included with the libraries.

I have also made two utilities to convert fonts and images. You can find them under Resources.

23.07.2011Another chipKit port is ready. You can now start fondling your ITDB02 modules when they are connected to a chipKit board with CK_ITDB02_Touch.

19.07.2011Fixed a problem with the Projects page. It should be working again.

19.07.2011I finished another chipKit port today. This time it was the CK_ITDB02_Graph16 library. You probably know where to find it :)

17.07.2011The online tools ImageConverter 565 and ITDB02 Font Maker have been updated to support the chipKit platform.

16.07.2011Site restructuring is done for now.

With the restructured site I can now publish libraries for other platforms as well, and the first ones out are CK_ITDB02_Graph and CK_RGB_GLCD for the chipKit platform.

If you had bookmarks or favorites (or whatever they may be called) directly to the libraries you will have to update them. All libraries have new links.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the site after the restructuring.

12.07.2011Fixed a bug in the Font Maker and ImageConverter after the site was restructured.

10.07.2011The site has been slightly restructured.

Nothing has been removed, but you will now find fonts, icons, how-tos and converters under the Resources category. All projects can be found in the Projects category.

The Arduino categoy has been renamed, and is now the Libraries category. All my current Arduino libraries can be found there, and there will be some chipKit-libraries there soon.

05.07.2011The icons are now back online in, what should be, a compatible format.

The icons-page has also been slightly redesigned, but you should be able to figure it out.

The more observant of you will probably also notice that it is now possible to download chipKit-compatible icons. This is because I plan to port my libraries to the chipKit-platform (at least some of them).

25.06.2011It has come to my attention that the icon c-files are NOT compatible with the ITDB02 libraries. I will fix this as soon as I get some spare time.
I will post here when the update is done.

05.06.2011I have finally finished a project that has been in the making for a long time.

My brand new Door Sign.

Read all about it under Projects - Other Projects - Door Sign

14.05.2011My ISP is a bit unstable today, so the website might be unavailable from time to time. Sorry about that.

13.05.2011Today I have added some ITDB02_Graph and ITDB02_Graph16 compatible icons for your amusement. They should be compatible with RGB_GLCD as well.

You can find them under:
Arduino - Resources - ITDB02 Icons

08.05.2011I have added some ITDB02_Graph and ITDB02_Graph16 compatible fonts for you to download.

You can find them under:
Arduino - Resources - ITDB02 Fonts

26.04.2011tinyFAT v2.1 is released.
• Added setSSpin() function

25.04.2011The How-To: ITDB02 Fonts 101 has been updated to be compatible with v4.0+ of the ITDB02_Graph and ITDB02_Graph16 libraries.

19.04.2011Two things today:

1. Fixed a bug in ITDB02 Font Maker when trying to convert a font-picture that wasn't truecolor.

2. Remade the ITDB02_Graph(16)/tinyFAT integration. This resulted in new versions of three libraries, and two new libraries. This means no more editing the .h files to enable or disable tinyFAT integration.

Updated ITDB02_Graph v4.1 and ITDB02_Graph16 v4.1:
• Remade the tinyFAT integration. Moved loadBitmap() to the ITDB02_tinyFAT and ITDB02_tinyFAT16 libraries

Updated tinyFAT v2.02:
• Moved the ITDB02_Integration examples to the ITDB02_tinyFAT and ITDB02_tinyFAT16 libraries

New ITDB02_tinyFAT v1.0 and ITDB02_tinyFAT16 v1.0:
• Initial release

And with that I shall say good night :)

17.04.2011ITDB02_Graph v4.01 is released.
• Added ITDB02-2.4D compatibility
• Reduced memory footprint slightly

04.04.2011Fixed a bug in ImageConverter 565 when trying to convert a picture that wasn't truecolor.

30.03.2011A new tool has been added to the Tools category: ITDB02 Font Maker

This tool can be used convert images into font-files for the ITDB02_Graph and ITDB02_Graph16 libraries.

27.03.2011A couple of updates today:

ITDB02_Graph v4.0 and ITDB02_Graph16 v4.0 is released.
• Remade the font-system to make it more flexible. Read the "Nice to know" section on the web-pages for more information.

ITDB02_Touch v1.21 has been released
• Updated some of the examples to be compatible with ITDB02_Graph(16) v4.0

tinyFAT v2.01 has been released
• Updated some of the examples to be compatible with ITDB02_Graph(16) v4.0

ITDB02 Analog Clock v1.1 has been released
• Updated to be compatible with ITDB02_Graph(16) v4.0

The How-To: ITDB02 Fonts 101 is not updated for the new font-format required by v4.0 of the libraries. I will update it when I have the time.

That's it for todays updates.

20.03.2011ITDB02_Graph v3.01 and ITDB02_Graph16 v3.01 is released.
• Reduced memory footprint slightly

Thanks to Eugeny J. for the tip :)

19.03.2011ITDB02_Graph v3.0 and ITDB02_Graph16 v3.0 is released.
• General optimization

Both libraries are now (on average) close to 3 times faster than they were :)

13.03.2011A new category today: Tools

A new tool was also added to the new category: ImageConverter 565
Since the ImageConverer tool included with some of my libraries is window-only, I decided to make an online-version so Linux- and Mac-users also can convert their images.

10.03.2011Added a few links to Pinguino-related web-sites.
Looks like a very interesting project :)

04.03.2011A couple of updates today:

ITDB02_Graph v2.6 and ITDB02_Graph16 v2.6 is released.
• Fixed a bug in printNumF when the number to be printed was (-)0.something

RGB_GLCD v1.8 is released.
• Fixed a bug in printNumF when the number to be printed was (-)0.something
• Fixed a bug in printNumI when the number to be printed was 0

12.02.2011tinyFAT v2.0 has been released

• Added support for reading and writing text-files, in addition to a few support-functions

It is no longer a requirement that filenames are written in uppercase.

01.02.2011RGB_GLCD v1.7 has been released

• Optimized drawBitmap() when not using rotation

drawBitmap() is now 7 to 8 times faster than before. It will fill the screen in a little over 1 second.

31.01.2011...and the first update to tinyFAT is out...

v1.1 gives you the option of setting the SPI speed, and also increases the default speed.

31.01.2011A couple of new things today :)

A new library has been added: tinyFAT v1.0
It is very basic as of this initial release, and had been designed to integrate with ITDB02_Graph and ITDB02_Graph16

ITDB02_Graph and ITDB02_Graph16 v2.5 is released.
• Added loadBitmap()
• Optimized drawBitmap() when not using rotation

Thats it...

18.01.2011V2.4 of both ITDB02_Graph and ITDB02_Graph16 has been released.

• Fixed an error in the requirements

No code has been changed in this update.

16.01.2011RGB_GLCD v1.6 has been released

• Fixed a bug in the print() function when using a background color different from the screen background color.

24.12.2010300 downloads of RGB_GLCD.rar :)

17.12.2010Since the birth of the site I have added a few Arduino libraries that I have made. In addition there is one Arduino project, and one How-To describing how to make font-files for my ITDB02_Graph libraries.

Whenever I add something to the site I will post a newsitem here, so that you easily can see when there is something new here.
This newsfeed is also available as a RSS-feed. Look a bit further down to locate it :)