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UTouch Beta Application

I am no longer taking applications for the UTouch beta test.

To be eligible for this beta test there have to be some rules.
  1. You must have spare time to dedicate to the testing. The testing phase will be approx. one week from the start date.
  2. You must have at least one of the touch display modules supported by UTFT. Only display modules from the vendors listed here will be accepted.
  3. You must be willing to submit a test report at the end of the testing phase.
  4. You must have enough knowledge to do the testing on your own. No general support will be given.
  5. You must comply with the Beta Testing license which basically states that the library you receive shall not be distributed without my consent.
Failure to follow these simple rules will result in immediate dismissal from the beta testing of the UTouch library, and you will not eligible for later beta test should I decide to run them.

Please keep your answers short but understandable. Applications must be written in English or Norwegian.
First a little information about you.
Full name:
Email address:
  I will reply to the exact address you enter here. Do NOT add any nospam addons. I will not remove anything.
You email address will not be collected or sold. It will only be used in connection with the UTouch Beta testing.

Country of residence:
Electonics experience:
Betatesting experience:
Why do you want to join the beta test:
Then a little information about your hardware.
If you have more than one development board and/or display module you should list your primary board/module in the following fields. Please list the rest in the Notes section.
Please give the full name you development board. Also provide both vendor/manufacturer and model of your display module.
Development board:
Display Module:
How to you intend to preform the testing:
All fields except Notes are required. By clicking Send application you certify that the above information is correct and that you have read and intend to follow the rules.